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Hurn Airport

Bournemouth Airport started life as RAF Hurn in 1941 as RAF Hurn, an RAF base, and began accepting passenger aircraft towards the end of the 1950’s.


Despite being renamed three times, it is still affectionately referred to as “Hurn Airport” by local residents. In fact, so ingrained is the name within the local populace that even though it officially ceased to be called Hurn Airport back in 1969, even the youngest generation still have a tendency to refer to it as “Hurn” due to its proximity to the village of Hurn, and excessive distance to Bournemouth. The matter isn’t particularly helped by how difficult the airport is to get to within the local area. Whilst taxis and buses both serve it, there are no rail links, and whilst being publicised as “Bournemouth Airport”, it is in fact in the Borough of Christchurch leading some to even refer to it as “Christchurch Airport”.


A page located on this website also shows that it is not just the local population that refer to it as Hurn Airport, but in fact local authorities as well, with many road signs still indicating “Hurn Airport” rather than Bournemouth Airport, Bournemouth International Airport, or the latter incarnation of Bournemouth Airport. Some signs simply state “Airport” as well.


It is a wonderful regional airport with a rich, enviable, history and this website aims to recount some of the many memories that it holds.