Hurnairport.co.uk is a fan page, not in any way affiliated with Bournemouth Airport, that is owned and managed by Castle Travel.


This website came about after a conversation with a customer regarding the name of Bournemouth Airport. They wanted to book a taxi to take them to “Hurn Airport”, and it raised a smile when we realised just how long ago the change of name took place. We were aware that for a few years it was known as “Bournemouth International Airport”, but it took some substantial research before finding out that the name “Hurn Airport” was officially dropped way back in 1969!


So why do so many locals still refer to it as Hurn? I was born in the 1970’s and still call it Hurn Airport. Well, logic and road signs. Logic, because it isn’t actually anywhere near the town of Bournemouth… it’s actually far closer to Christchurch, as well as being in the Borough of Christchurch… and also it’s set next to the quaint little village of Hurn. More interesting however are the road signs in the local area. It was only after having a drive around the local area that we realised the sheer quantity of signs that refer to Bournemouth Airport by a previous name, with Hurn Airport and Bournemouth International Airport (again, now defunct) present on both small and main roads. In fact, some major artery roads in the area still carry the Bournemouth International Airport name despite this being dropped in favour of “Bournemouth Airport” some years ago as well!


So, this resulted in this website to catalogue the history of Hurn Airport, and act as an unofficial source of information relating to it.

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