Road Signs

If you’re a local to Bournemouth or Christchurch, you will have noticed a few signs in the local area that indicate “Hurn Airport”, or indeed “Bournemouth International Airport” which is now also defunct. But did you realise how many there are?


Below are shown a variety of Google Street View images of road signs around the local area with locations given… but of course if you see any more on your travels please let us know!

Junction Barrack Road/Grove Road, Christchurch


This one is the “Hurn Airport” sign that most locals will affectionately know. A vintage sign situated on one of the main artery routes between Bournemouth and Christchurch.

Whilst most other signs are far more modern, this one has apparently been kept for historical purposes and is the oldest sign that we know of depicting “Hurn Airport”.

Ringwood Road, Longham

One of the main artery routes into Dorset, and a sign that thousands of cars drive past a day yet still displaying “Hurn Airport”.

Ringwood Road, Longham

Same road, different direction, different name. Although far newer than the sign coming from the opposite direction, this states “Bournemouth International Airport”, a name that was in use until 2007.

Bear Cross, Bearwood

Another sign stating “Bournemouth International Airport”. This is on a major road, although not an artery, and is on the main road between Wimborne and Kinson.

Bear Cross, Bearwood

Same roundabout as above, from another direction. Whilst not as antiquated as “Hurn Airport”, these signs still remain technically incorrect.

A341/A347 Kinson

Back to Hurn Airport signs, this is on a major roundabout with this sign being on the road from Kinson/Wimborne heading towards Parley/Winton and Boscombe.

A347/A341 Kinson

On the same roundabout as above, this sign is on the road from Winton/Bournemouth

A347/A341 Kinson

The exit sign on the roundabout pictured above heading towards Parley

Parley Cross

Potentially one of the closest major junctions to Bournemouth Airport, the sign at Parley Cross is still displaying the previous name of “Bournemouth International Airport” that ceased to be in use in 2007.

Parley Cross

The same junction, this time on the road heading down from Ferndown towards Bournemouth Airport.

Christchurch Road/B3073

Quite an amusing one as it’s actually showing which areas of Bournemouth Airport to go to… this sign, with the boundary of Bournemouth Airport barely 300 yards away, still proudly displays the previous name.

A31 Ringwood Road

Without doubt, the busiest road in our collection. This sign is on the junction of the A31 (from Ringwood, Southampton and London) and the A338 (the main road into Bournemouth) and as of 2015 is still showing a name that was abolished in 2007.



For anyone travelling to Bournemouth Airport from London, Southampton or Ringwood, this is the junction off of the A338 that would take you there, still showing the previous name.

A347 Boundary Roundabout

Back to Hurn Airport signs again, this is on the road from Wallisdown up to the Boundary Roundabout

A347 Boundary Roundabout

The exit sign off of the Boundary Roundabout heading towards Ensbury Park still displaying Hurn Airport

A347 Boundary Roundabout

This sign is on the road from Bournemouth heading towards the Boundary Roundabout in Wallisdown

A347 Ensbury Park

One of the main junctions in north Bournemouth, Ensbury Park is traversed by thousands of vehicles every day and still displays the name that was defunct in 1969!

A347 Horse & Jockey

Forming the junction of the A347 from Ensbury Park and the A3060 from Bournemouth

Have you seen others? We’d love to hear from you to add them to the collection! Contact us on the email address at the bottom of the page!